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"If you’ve been out to the farm you may have heard and/or met Skye Pollard-- Eureka Spring’s songbird extraordinaire. His new blues/rock/revival act will be sure to knock your socks off. He and his band rip through a bunch of originals and heartfelt covers that are guaranteed to get your boots kickin."

~Hillberry Music Festival


Phone- 870-919-9231

Short Description

Skye Pollard is a songwriter, performer, and vocalist based out of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

From his original music to his extensive repertoire of Covers, Skye is guaranteed to entertain any audience. With his band Skye Pollard & Family Holler, and as a Solo Act, Skye has traveled across the US performing in some of the Nations most historic venues- from New York to New Mexico. Skye's debut EP "Masquerade" was released in September 2022.  

Full Bio

Skye Pollard is a soulful songwriter and powerful vocalist from Eureka Springs, Arkansas, drawing inspiration from Blues, Country, and Southern Rock. Born in Memphis, TN and raised in Marked Tree, AR, his music is rooted in personal experiences and explores themes of identity, self-acceptance, and perseverance. Skye's talent for crafting memorable melodies and hooks that stick with the listener is evident in his debut solo EP, “Masquerade,” which was released in September 2022 to critical acclaim.


Skye's musical journey started at a young age, performing consistently from the age of six years old. During his college years in Baltimore, Skye continued to hone his skills and was a member of several projects. However, it wasn't until he returned to his home state of Arkansas and landed in Eureka Springs that he truly found his place as a musician. Channeling his Delta roots and love of blues, Skye became a well-loved figure in the local music scene, collaborating with other artists and stepping into the role of frontman for Skye Pollard & Family Holler in 2020.


Skye Pollard & Family Holler have quickly gained attention for their dynamic live performances and Skye's powerhouse vocals, playing at some of the best venues in their home state of Arkansas, including George’s Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville and Hillberry Music Festival at The Farm in Eureka Springs. The band's signature sound, which combines soaring guitar and melodic riffs with Skye's deeply personal lyrics and soulful delivery, has earned them a dedicated following in the local music scene. Skye Pollard & Family Holler are now poised to take their unique brand of Country & Southern Rock to national audiences in the coming months.

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